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Spiced Grape Chutney

Spiced Grape Chutney

Thank goodness for fresh fruit & vegetable delivery during this confinement. My local delivery from Imperfect Foods included a large portion of dark purple grapes…hum what recipe might work? When in doubt a chutney makes use of fruits with added spices for a punch–Spiced Grape Chutney, for the win.


Chutney, not the first thing that enters your mind with a bounty of fruit, but they actually are a great and quick way to use extra fruits and create a spiced condiment that is full of flavor and works with many types of foods. I like to mix it up in the kitchen, so here we go.

Many people are familiar with Major Grey’s Chutney, made with green mango, sometimes tamarind, or ginger. This Spiced Grape Chutney, plays off of spice, sweet and some heat. The meaning of the word chutney is unclear. It translates as “spicy,” or “crushed”.  Almost all chutneys all made by boiling fruit and spices with sugar and vinegar. That combination of sugar-sweetness and vinegar-acidity has become the hallmark of preserved chutneys.

Spiced Grape Chutney

Spiced Grape Chutney



I love Indian cuisine. I make a some pretty good basics and do I love this simple Coconut Curry recipe in the Instant Pot. One thing that is always at the table are papadum and chutney. Papadum are thin crisp flatbread, many times flecked with spices, that can be procured at International markets. They are addictive. The salty and crunchy papadum dipped in the sweet and tangy chutney is something that you just have to experience for yourself.

In some parts of India meals are still served in a traditional course-by-course manner. To be proper, the chutneys would be served right after the meat dish and just before dessert. They are typically served with papadum.  I usually serve a tamarind chutney, but this Spiced Grape Chutney has a new place at the table.

Spiced Grape Chutney

Working with my bounty of grapes and on-hand spices this delicious condiment was easily produced. I also love Spiced Grape Chutney with soft goat cheese and served as part of a charcuterie plate. I have also indulged with a Spiced Grape Chutney grilled cheese sandwich on raisin bread, yum!

I am thankful for the fresh produce deliveries and Spiced Grape Chutney, confinement creation for the win.


As always, enjoy. B

2 thoughts on “Spiced Grape Chutney

  1. Can I make this with delicious sweet small seedless green grapes??

    1. Hi Margaret,

      I don’t see why green grapes would not work. If you try it, let us know it comes out.
      Thank you for being a part of Bijouxs.

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