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Lemon Curd Poppy Seed Cake

Lemon Curd Poppy Seed Cake | Bijouxs Little Jewels

This is the lemon cake to love. Lemon Curd Poppy Seed Cake, taking the basic lemon cake to a new level. The newest Little Jewel from the Kitchen.


Everyone loves lemon but move over basic lemon cake, there is a new kid in town. This kid is buttery, with layers of lemon curd and adds the crunch of poppy seeds. Did I mention that you also glaze the cake with sweet lemon goodness, this is almost too good to be true. 


I know I am crazy about lemons. Just run a search on the website, a wonderful list of lemon recipes emerges. My citrus history has been noted many times, and I once again find myself living near citrus groves. Citrus is beginning to appear on my trees, need to get busy in the kitchen. 


The inspiration is of course Ina Garten’s classic Lemon Cake, simply one of the best. I made the cake for years, but started thinking about adding layers of lemon curd, much like I did in this bread pudding recipe, which became a true fan favorite. Poppy seeds are a great companion in bread recipes so why not? 

The cake is easy to make, but of course having the ingredients measured and ready to go, Mise en Place technique works very well. I set out all the ingredients on a sheet pan, getting the butter and buttermilk to room temperature. Prepping and mixing both the dry and wet ingredients makes completing the batter a breeze. 

Do allow the cake to completely cool before glazing and allow cake to rest for a few hours before serving. In fact, keeping the cake covered and enjoying the next day really brings up the flavors and improves the texture. 

 Lemon Curd Poppy Seed Cake | Bijouxs Little Jewels

Sweet things keep coming from the Bijouxs Kitchen.

As always, enjoy. B

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