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Mary’s Buttermilk Raspberry Dutch Baby

Bijouxs Little Jewels | Mary's Dutch Baby

Cabin Fever. Crisp fresh air, tall green pines and a pristine lake–that’s the setting in which little jewel recipe first entered my life about 25 years ago. Mary’s Buttermilk Raspberry Dutch Baby. Relax, it’s cabin food.

Recipes for the ubiquitous Dutch Baby abound, here I bring you one I hope will provide a delicious variation. Mary’s Dutch Baby was my first and only recipe and will remain the standard in the Bijouxs kitchen. These easy, pancake batter-like baked breakfast jewels are the food darlings now. When I first started serving them the question I always got was “what’s a Dutch Baby?”

Well, they are really just a simple puffed pancake, baked in the oven, served sweet or savory. At first, I baked them unadorned, served with lemon and powdered sugar; classic. As time evolved, I tinkered with the recipe (as I always do) to create this raspberry version.

My take, uses real buttermilk instead of regular milk. Not processed buttermilk with additives, which is most commercial “buttermilk”. Buttermilk adds a tart richness that counter balances the sweetness of the raspberries. Think what buttermilk does for biscuits.

Next, the fruit. I use frozen raspberries, when baked, create the soft, buttery-rich jammy filling. Fresh raspberries topped after baking provide a fresh pop. A dusting of powdered sugar and you are home. It’s always a joy to wake up to the smell of coffee brewing and a Dutch Baby baking in the oven.

Cabin fever. I can almost smell the pine trees…have a wonderful long weekend and enjoy Mary’s Raspberry Buttermilk Dutch Baby.

As always, enjoy. B

4 thoughts on “Mary’s Buttermilk Raspberry Dutch Baby

  1. That looks so good! I’ve made an apple Dutch baby, but raspberries sounds even better!

    1. Hi Julie! The frozen berries are what make the jammy filling, the fresh berries add that extra raspberry texture. Thank you! Enjoy Bijouxs~

  2. Hi. Where is the actual recipe? The card comes up blank. Thanks

    1. Hello. Yes there is a recipe on the recipe card. Depending on what you are using mobile or desktop, it may take a couple of seconds for the recipe to appear. Also, check if you have any popup setting that may cause card to not work.Cheers.

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