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Ritzy Creamed Corn


Seated in a snug leather booth, served on simple, starched white cloths, a table laden with a multitude of delicious sides, that’s how this little jewel recipe entered my life. Ritzy Creamed Corn, the title is bit of a contradiction–can creamed corn, a very humble, often passed-by dish, be thought of as ritzy?  

Our cookbooks are our newest feature here at Bijouxs and thank all of you! I want to stay in touch with you about the book-only recipes; give background, answer questions and have cookbook readers share comments about the recipes.

Welcome to Cookbook Community! Cookbook Community posts will help us stay in touch about the recipes in the books–creating a online, living cookbook community. Here’s the first Cookbook Community post, Ritzy Creamed Corn, an exclusive recipe from Family & Friends.

This recipe is adapted from a ‘ritzy’ restaurant frequented for special Sunday suppers. To give you a taste, I photographed the recipe as it was served at the restaurant. Creamed corn was not a favorite growing up, so ordering it as a side dish to accompany a special meal just did not register with me. However, at this restaurant, their creamed corn was the demanded side dish (so much so that in later years they began giving printed cards for customers who inquired).

But before the printed recipe cards appeared, I made it my business, as I quite often do, to inquire about the recipe each time we frequented the restaurant, soon I had enough information to create my version at home and it became a family favorite.

The memory of those special Sunday suppers lingers on with every bite of Ritzy Creamed Corn. Please enjoy this little family gem.

As always, enjoy. B

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