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Creamy Swiss Potato Soup


When it comes to food, I have big imagination…sitting beside a roaring fire in a warm, cozy lodge in the Swiss Alps, savoring a bowl of creamy potato soup, a loaf of hearty whole grain bread and a good red wine, ah…it almost feels like après-ski, right at home. Swiss Potato Soup, just imagine how good this newest little jewel is going to taste.

Now imagine the taste…a soup with a rich, hearty base; creamy and flecked with fresh potato flavor, a savory-sweet note from Dijon and shallot, with ribbons of melting cheese in every bit, plus crunch from crispy fried shallot rings.

This creamy little gem of a soup actually has been on the Bijouxs menu after a long day of skiing (domestic slopes) and also anytime the weather brings forth a big chill. The simple richness and creamy goodness warms your soul and stomach on gloomy winter days.

A quick soup, it begins with simple, basic pantry staples: broth, nutritious red potatoes (jackets on please!), Dijon mustard and herbs. After a 15 minute simmer, the soup is pureed (the potatoes act to thicken the soup) then embellished via rich swirls of creamy Swiss Emmentaler cheese. Crispy, thin rings of shallot atop echo the delicate shallot flavor within the soup.

Join Bijouxs for a warming bowl of Creamy Swiss Potato Soup and experience another jewel from the recipe collection.

As always, enjoy. B

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