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Scallops Sweet & Simple

Scallops Sweet & Simple | Bijouxs Little Kitchen Jewels

Table for one? Keep it sweet & simple – that’s always a little jewel in the kitchen.

My favorite way with sweet scallops is also one of the most simple. Quickly sauté in sweet, rich butter and top with fresh herbs. Here are some tips.

First, it is nice once is a while to treat yourself a wonderful plate of scallops, and now with beautiful selections of frozen food, it has never been easier for a sweet supper. I poo-pooed frozen seafood at first, but a friend had me try products from Vital Choice – so, far they all have hit the mark. Now, these are not everyday dinners, but a treat once in a while, and having these little jewels in the freezer helps make a busy life delicious. Defrost just what you need, according to the directions.

Second, for an utterly simple dish as this, the butter you use to sauté the scallops counts double. You want it to be 1) sweet and 2) rich – European style, please. Easy to find in most supermarkets, and again, keep on hand in the freezer when taste really counts.

The fresh herbs are flexible – no fresh tarragon or chervil in stock? So, I substituted easy to find chives for this version, but do use fresh herbs.

On the busy nights, when I do need a treat, I quickly defrost a few (or more) scallops and quickly sauté, serving with assorted baby greens tossed in bowl-made classic French dressing. That’s it..maybe a glass of Rosé and a nibble of 70% chocolate for dessert.

From freezer to table – dinner for one, sweet & simple.

As always, enjoy. B

2 thoughts on “Scallops Sweet & Simple

  1. I particularly like frozen seafood from Alaska. It’s typically frozen right on the boat and stays frozen until we at home defrost it. Meaning it’s fresher than unfrozen fish that travels a great distance. GREG

    1. Yes, I agree Greg! When I lived in LA I had friends that deep sea fished, so I enjoyed the spoils of ‘in the moment’ fresh fish. Now, far away from the coast, some of the best is frozen, most from Alaska. I have learned another way to enjoy seafood, frozen that is! Great to hear from you. Best, Lynn

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