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Seafood Chowder

The holiday train is on the fast track, racing us all to meetings, holiday events, shopping and also dragging behind is my broken oven that needs repair. What can I cook for holiday guests that is simple, easy and provides the warm comforts of the season without an oven?  The phone rings, a friend reminds me of Seafood Chowder, a perfect soup for a chilly night and certainly company worthy – Bijouxs without an oven.

It is true that my 14 year old Sears oven decided it had enough on the Thanksgiving holiday, sputtering and spurting, eking out a mere temperature of only 320 °- thank goodness for propane – turkey on the barbeque. I can’t blame it for needing a rest with all the heavy- duty cooking it has been doing all these years. So, while I await the oven professionals and their prognosis, I am all about the stovetop.

Seafood Chowder is a smooth, slightly elegant soup with just a touch of curry. It is a flexible recipe; add your favorite fish and seafood, keeping it simple. I follow the original recipe but frequently add some clams or mussels, whatever looks fresh at the fish market. Seafood Chowder provides a light variety for holiday time meals and yes, it does not require an oven.

You may purchase the majority of the ingredients ahead of time and have them on hand, then just a quick stop at the fish market and in about 15 minutes, chowders on.

Just add a fresh mixed green salad, perhaps simply dressed with lemon and olive oil and a loaf of crusty French bread – there you have a simple no stress holiday meal that can be casual or dress it up, based on the occasion.

Warming up with a bowl of Seafood Chowder, an easy holiday Bijouxs.

As always, enjoy. B

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  1. The weather was unusual for Southern California; cold, damp, dark and very rainy…the perfect combination for staying home to enjoy a comforting meal. Your recipe for the seafood chowder hit the mark beautifully and deliciously. The occasion was not especially special except my belief is whenever a wonderful meal is planned an occasion is made.

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