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Simple Pea Soup

“Simplify, simplify, simplify!” Henry David Thoreau’s words still ring true in 2012. A simple way to simplify? Soup meals are a healthy little change that lightens your weekly menu. Simple Pea Soup captures some of the fresh ingredients of winter into a bowl of calm comfort.

Simple Pea Soup is simple in that it is easy to prepare and contains a simple palate of flavors – fresh sugar snap peas and fresh spinach along with light undertones of leek, brightened with lemon and fresh thyme, made creamy with the smoothness of chickpeas and a whirl in the blender. Garnish with lemon slices, fresh thyme, or change it out with a dash of olive oil and sprinkle of Parmesan, or a handful or crisp homemade croutons.

Soup meals adapt to most schedules, either for lunch or dinner. By simply replacing out a few denser meals with an easy, light soup meal during the week lightens both our body and our mind. To round out a soup meal, begin with chilled glass of fresh vegetable espresso, tomato or a vegetable blend, a light green salad dressed with lemon and olive oil and wrap up the meal with broiled grapefruit (cut in half, sprinkle very lightly with raw sugar and boil quickly to caramelize the sugar).

Simple Pea Soup – a light, Zen-like satisfying bowl to simplify a New Year.

As always, enjoy. B

4 thoughts on “Simple Pea Soup

  1. Beautiful presentation and lovely shots! This is my kind of soup.

    1. Happy New Year Russell! I like to begin the New Year as simply as possible and love simple soups. Thank you so much for the kind words!

  2. i do love pea soup…it is quite possibly one of my favorites…and yours is gorgeous (of course). this is such a great way to kick off a new year of healthier eating…thanks for the inspiration bij.


    1. This fresh sugar snap pea soup is a favorite – keeping it simple with soup meals here at the ranch after the holidays – more to come. Thank you Rip!

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