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Skinny Squash Donuts 

Skinny Squash Donuts 

Skinny Squash Donuts are sweet baked rings of Delicata squash, with cinnamon and dusted with a confectioner’s sugar replacement. A healthy & skinny treat for the holidays, always a little jewel.

I love squash in the fall season and having a couple Delicata in the kitchen I went searching for a new healthy way with a favorite vegetable. I came across a recipe via the Nashville Edit, I still love to cook southern food. I love cooking the classics here at Bijouxs, but these simple baked rings of squash suprised me, they end up tasting close to a tender cake donut. These all vegetable donuts are grain & sugar free, all the better.

The squash is sliced in rings, seeds removed then the rings are prebaked. Then they are dipped into an egg & coconut milk mixture and coated with almond flour & cinnamon. Then baked again until tender and golden brown. I gilded the lily by dusting with a confectioners sugar replacment, or use standard confectioners sugar.

Skinny Squash Donuts 

Skinny Squash Donuts 

Skinny Squash Donuts Skinny Squash Donuts Skinny Squash Donuts 

I let the donuts completely cool at room temperature. They firm up but the texture remains tender. I was surprised how delicious these little jewels were, passing them by my taste tester friends, they approved.

Enjoy these sweet little jewels Skinny Squash Donuts for the holidays.

As always, enjoy. B

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