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Spice Roasted Pumpkin with Burrata

Spice Roasted Pumpkin with Burrata–a modern recipe seen through the everyday kitchen beauty of the 1970’s lens–another little jewel from the collection.

Vintage cookbooks are great reads. They offer a glimpse into the history of food , cuisine and in the case of the Time Life Foods of the World Cookbooks, also offer a visual entré into the past. For whatever controversy may surround the recipes in these books, the photography outweighs the shortcomings. It’s easy to see how the images, captured by the great photographers of the series, have influenced food photography today. Part documentary style, part styled shots, the books contain many inspiring images.

The photographs from the series prompted me on a adventure to create a little 70’s vibe for this recipe’s images–a little push back to explore what everyday beauty via the 1970’s may have looked like using film.

Spice Roasted Pumpkin with Burrata, is an easy fix, once you cut and clean the pumpkin. If a small pumpkin is not available, butternut squash will prove equally as delicious. Simple roasting releases the squash’s sweetness, counter-played with a spiced, savory rub.

The simple finish to the dish is a slice of melty, creamy Burrata cheese that creates a starter with a collection of flavors that capture Fall. Leftover roasted pumpkin can create a creamy side dish by removing the rind, puree, then fortify with some brown butter or cube the pumpkin and toss into risotto.

Please enjoy another little jewel from the recipe collection!


As always, enjoy. B

2 thoughts on “Spice Roasted Pumpkin with Burrata

  1. A new favorite! Forget peeling squash! With your recipe I can enjoy the whole butternut squash. The spices are bursting with flavor & the creamy burrata is quite tasty. I’ve never had it before & was surprised how well it married with the roasted squash. I do love winter squashes.Thank You Bijouxs.

    1. Hi Alice! I’m with you on the ‘forget peeling squash’! This spice blend is great on other roasted veggies as well. I make up a small batch of the dry seasoning to have on hand, then just add in the fresh ingredients. Garlic is also a nice addition on vegetables that require a shorter roast. Enjoy and thank you!

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