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Feeling Good Bowl of Noodles

Feeling Good Bowl of Noodles

Unpacking from my umpteen moves, I came across some of my previous home menus. I remembered that I ate super-healthy most all of my life, even spending about 4 years as a vegetarian. In addtion I cooked as a personal chef, providing many special diet forward recipes. Here now are Feeling Good Noodles, a nice light break from the ensuring holiday fare and a classic little jewel.


After 4 moves in 3 years boy I am tired but finally getting into organizing phase, finding things, especially my recipes. Tucked away in the Bijouxs file was the Feeling Good Bowl of Noodles recipe, one I have made a thousand times and loved from a favorite vegetarian cookbook, but somehow forgot.

Feeling Good Bowl of Noodles

Feeling Good Bowl of Noodles are basic, quick and satisfying, perfect for our super-busy lives. This soup does the 2 step, a simple process. Step 1: Stir-fry the mushrooms and noodles. Step 2: Add the stock, kale, and green onions. Simmer for a few minutes and add the aminos. That’s it.

Feeling Good Bowl of Noodles

The ingredients are flexible, per your taste. For this soup I used a whole wheat fettuccini, sliced crimini mushrooms, and lacinato kale and vegetable stock. Best thing, all are available at Trader Joe’s or your favorite market.

Feeling Good Bowl of Noodles


Amazingly, I have kept the blog and recipes coming through my odyssey of a life over the past 9 years. Wow. Staying true to my mission statement, here.

The “little black dress” is the spine of Bijouxs: Little Jewels from the Kitchen project. The intention is to create a food website that delivers recipes, pantry items, kitchen products and vendors with enduring qualities and exquisite craftsmanship.

The story and theme are a natural evolution of my working talents: food, design and fashion = the Bijouxs. I share what I have learned. Bijouxs is about a style evolved. The structure is a website design that is visual, with a clean classic style, and easy to access.

Please enjoy Feeling Good Noodles. I love hearing you. Cheers.

As always, enjoy. B

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