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Belle du Jour {Quick Fix Chicken}

Bijouxs Belle du Jour | Quick Fix Chicken

Happy almost Spring weekend! The weather has cheered us up here in Los Angeles, lots of bright sunshine! So, here’s a little bell du jour dinner idea after a day of enjoying the outdoors – Quick Fix Chicken from Bijouxs.

Saturdays out and about it’s easy to pick up on the way home ready-cooked chicken breasts, and a trip to green grocer for herbs and lettuce. This Quick Fix Chicken has become a go-to in the Bijouxs kitchen.

I love taking a plain store bought item and ramping it up to a delicious meal. Here, roasted chicken breasts get savory additions of creamy goat cheese and basil, then roasted again, a crispy brown crust ensues. I love a stellar green like Little Gems, drizzled with Bijouxs House Vinaigrette right on the plate.

What could be a better Belle du Jour than Quick Fix Chicken and the weekend.

As always, enjoy. B

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