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Roasted Chicken Quatorze

 Roasted Chicken Quatorze

This chicken recipe has been in the Bijouxs Little Jewels Collection since 1986 when first published in W Magazine, the  fashion & design mag of the day. Grab this NYC little jewel.


This chicken is a classic bistro recipe lightly adapted from Quatorze French Bistro in NYC, still going strong since 1984! Although there has been a location change since this intimate French bistro opened, the love remains.

 Roasted Chicken Quatorze


The name QUATORZE, which means 14, harkens to many references. In 1984 the restaurant was on 14th street, NYC. With an nod to the Sun King, aka Louis 14th, New Yorker cartoonist, Jack Ziegler created an iconic illustration which was used for the restaurant.


This recipe is a nod to Traditional Bistro cuisine, simple in style. After removing the back bone allowing the chicken to lay flat, I left the chicken untrussed, allowing it to roast with a true rustic style. The star of the recipe to me is the dense combination of fresh and dried herbs for the long marinade, adding so much flavor.

Classic New York cuisine, always a Little Jewel.

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Chicken Roasted with Pixie Tangerines, Fennel & Pernod

Chicken Roasted with Pixie Tangerines, Fennel & Pernod | Bijouxs Little Jewels

More Pixie Tangerine love here at Bijouxs. I created a take on a recipe from the amazing Jerusalem Cookbook and cooked up with Chicken Roasted with Pixie Tangerines, Fennel & Pernod. Not your plain-old roast chicken here in the Bijouxs Kitchen.


A wonderful gift of Pixie Tangerines from Melissa’s Produce to cook with inspired me so much here in the kitchen. I previously shared my Ojai Pixie Bars here. In this post, I reworked a favorite recipe from Ottolenghi & Tamimi’s Jerusalem cookbook. This book is a treasure chest of recipes from the diverse cuisines in the city. This recipe is wonderful for this holiday season. (Spiced Lentils & Brown Rice (Mejadra)is one of my favorites from the book).


As is many times the case, most recipes make enough to serve a big family, however in the real world, most nights many of us are cooking for just one or two people. Many recipes can be adjusted to smaller batch cooking-this chicken recipe reworked simply for 2 servings.

Chicken Roasted with Pixie Tangerines, Fennel & Pernod | Bijouxs Little Jewels


One of the major flavor notes in this dish is anise, from both the fennel seeds and the intense Pernod liquor. Sautéed Artichokes with Pernod from the blog is a nice way to introduce the liquor to your taste buds.


The sweetness of the tangerines, both juice and the fruit, are perfect counter play against to saltiness of the chicken. The fennel takes on a slightly sweet glaze cooking in the pan along with the Pixies and marinade. Just add some steamed Basmati rice to soak up the wonderful marinade-dinner is served.

Sweet holidays from Bijouxs Little Jewels in the Kitchen.

Disclosure: Melissa’s Produce sent the Ojai Pixie tangerines for recipe development.

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Skillet Chicken & Rice

Skillet Chicken & Rice

This recipe is a take on my Mom’s total comfort dish of Pork Chops and Rice. We have not been eating as much pork, instead turning to chicken. Drumsticks are down home, kid friendly and also budget conscious. My son once had me step outside the kitchen to surprise me with some chicken and rice, of course sans the wine. The red wine and garlic are newer adult additions to the family recipe. The basics are always a little jewel. Continue reading Skillet Chicken & Rice