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Bijouxs Bits: Chocolats du CaliBressan

Voila! Bijouxs Bits – that means just a little bit, a kitchen jewel. This bit features one of the Bijouxs beautiful essentials, chocolate and the charm of Chocolats du CaliBressan.

Friends who moved up to Santa Barbara brought a box of Chocolats du CaliBressan by my casita a while back and Bijouxs loved them at first sight. So beautiful one could not even think of taking a bite, but I did. Not only are they beautiful, they are delicious.

A few of my favorites chocolats are the Geranium with geranium flavored ganache covered in dark chocolate; La Arcada Turtle with “cajeta” (Mexican milk caramel); Buddha Beauty, salted caramel in a dark chocolate shell; Peppered Mint tastes like fresh mint, and of course Bisous, with tangerine ganache, covered in white chocolate – aren’t they sweet?

There are two retails locations to purchase these lovely chocolates in the Santa Barbara area, but no worries the chocolats and more are available via their website, along with their story. These little jewels make wonderful hostess or party gifts.

Bijouxs handpicks a little jewel vendor, in this case the beautiful kitchen essential chocolate, enjoy Chocolats de CaliBressan.


As always, enjoy. B

3 thoughts on “Bijouxs Bits: Chocolats du CaliBressan

  1. Great find!!

    1. Thanks SM! The best thing, besides their sweet shapes, are that they are not too sweet – a nice balance of filling to chocolate, very French. Thanks for being a part of Bijouxs!

  2. It’s all about timing, and recently my timing worked out perfectly…and I found myself enjoying these very tasty treats! They are heavenly little bites, and such a wonderful Bijouxs recommendation. The salty caramel in particular, was a well orchestrated symphony for the taste buds! Thank you!

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