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Baked Potatoes à la Garbo

Crispy golden baked potatoes topped with tender spinach and a collection of emerald fresh herbs – Bijouxs simple everyday kitchen beauty – bake a classic Hollywood little jewel.

People always ask what I eat for dinner, it’s always different, but a few basics do apply. Like most everyone I’m on a budget, I cook at home and I aim for simple, fresh ingredients. Baked Potatoes à la Garbo is a recipe I rely on because I usually have Idaho russet potatoes, some fresh greens and herbs in the kitchen, so this a easy dish for a weeknight supper, perhaps with fruit and cheese for dessert.

I love reading vintage cookbooks and my collection includes Gaylord Hauser’s Treasury of Secrets, first published in the the 1950’s, health and whole foods-based, extolling the benefits of things like olive oil, whole grains and yoga. Tucked within are stories and recipes, one recipe is Potatoes à la Garbo, which the author attributes to the great screen legend Greta Garbo whom he nutritionally counseled.

Potatoes à la Garbo are large baking potatoes cut in half, with most of the potato scooped out, rubbed with olive oil and baked to create crispy brown little vessels. The Bijouxs recipe revamp is to top the potatoes with a quick sauté of fresh spinach tossed with a variety of fresh on-hand herbs and a drizzle of olive oil.

COOK’S NOTES: Choose large Idaho russets, these potatoes will cook up in about half the time of a regular baked potato. I freeze the potato that is scooped out and reserve as a thickener for soups. Other greens, such as arugula and kale (adjust cooking time) can be used in place of the spinach and use your favorite combination of fresh herbs. Cut the baked potatoes into wedges and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese for the kids or just top with non-fat plain Greek yogurt and chives for a classic light-hearted baked potato.

Baked Potatoes à la Garbo – simple and fresh from the Bijouxs Recipe Collection.

As always, enjoy. B

4 thoughts on “Baked Potatoes à la Garbo

  1. I’m so glad I finally made this recipe.Much more flavor & not as filling as a baked potato. The spinach added huge flavor to the skins. I’ve never made potato skins or twice baked pots before. This is a new favorite! Thank you Bijouxs! ( and gotta love the name)

    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed the potatoes Alice! I really do love them! For as simple as they are, they pack a good punch of potato flavor without the heavy baked potato feeling. Yes, a little screen gem. Thank you for writing!

  2. These are new to me. But I have been thinking about doing a baked potato post (mostly because I love baked potatoes). GREG

    1. I love the old Hollywood aspect of this potato recipe-been making it since a teen, I first stumbled upon the book in my neighborhood health food store.

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