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Cajun Barbecue Shrimp Tacos

Cajun Barbecue Shrimp Tacos | Bijouxs Little Jewels

What, did you read the recipe title correct? Yup, I have taken tacos to a new level in the Bijouxs Kitchen–Cajun Barbecue Shrimp Tacos, a little jewel.

Where did the evolution of this unique taco mash-up come from? Basically, I simply combined a few of my favorite ingredients: BBQ shrimp, avocado, Cotija cheese and Baja style salsa, wrapped in a tortilla and snapped this photo.


This little jewel recipe was photographed and filed away for a few years. Who would try this mixed metphor recipe? Well, time has caught up with my eccentric tastes, and my friend and fellow food blogger, Greg at Sippty Sup brought my attention to a cookbook that supported these tacos, Guerrilla Tacos: Recipes from the Streets of L.A. Check out the recipe for Chile Colorado. As an LA native, of course I grew up on tacos.


To begin, these Cajun BBQ shrimp have been a favorite in the little jewel recipe collection for over 25 years. After my first visit to New Orleans, attending a Cajun cooking school, I was hooked on the cuisine. For years I served these BBQ shrimp in big bowls, filled with the sauce, and plenty of crusty French bread to sop up the sauce. Not to worry, a BBQ is not required, the shrimp happily cook in the oven.

OK, I’m in healthier eating days now. I am serving just a few of the shrimp on stove-top burner charred corn tortillas, with avocado, Baja style salsa, and a sprinkling of Cotija cheese.

Served either way, Cajun BBQ shrimp are delicious. Food fads come and go, but the Bijouxs remain.

As always, enjoy. B

2 thoughts on “Cajun Barbecue Shrimp Tacos

  1. You are deliciously ahead of your time. This is a terrific example of the metamorphosis of the LA Taco. Thanks for the mention. XOGREG

    1. Thank you Greg for your post! I love tacos, so I have made so many taco iterations, but this one is a fav. When I really want to go for broke, I have a bowl of the BBQ Shrimp with sauce and plenty of bread for dipping. Enjoy!

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