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Creamy Mushrooms & Grits

Bijouxs Little Jewels | Creamy Mushrooms & Grits

Pure Southern comfort. This triple play of homemade components adds up to the newest little jewel that will become a comfort classic, Bijouxs Mushrooms & Grits.

Recipes flash by, ideas pop into my head–what about this with that? This triple play of homemade goodness came together like that, now the newest little jewel. A creamy, melange of mixed mushrooms (think stroganoff, yum!), made rich with your own home-made buttermilk créme fraîche (easy, really), atop bed of heirloom Antebellum grits (creamy corn), just pure Southern comfort made in three easy pieces.

Bijouxs Little Jewels | Creamy Mushrooms & Grits

#1: Make your own créme fraîche: I have heard about this for years, but never followed through until recently, and wow, this is a game changer. It’s simple, adding some buttermilk to whole cream (whipping cream), giving it some time of the kitchen counter and voilà, créme fraîche. It IS different from sour cream, and using créme fraîche in this recipe is imperative to keep the sauce from “breaking” or curdling. (I used Straus Whipping Cream, which conveniently comes is a glass bottle, poured off 1 tablespoon to make room for buttermilk, creating a perfect vessel for making the créme fraîche).

#2: Grits. I have been cooking with heirloom grown grains from Anson Mills, just like my previous post Carolina Gold Rice Porridge. This time Antebellum Medium White Quick Grits are on the plate. (No affiliation with the company). These are creamy grits, that cook quickly and a great foil for the mushrooms. Make ahead if you like, warm them up when ready to serve. Or use your favorite grits.

Bijouxs Little Jewels | Creamy Mushrooms & Grits

#3: The mushrooms. We all crave the Mushroom Toast from Gjelina Cookbook/Restaurant, but alas I am not a ‘things on toast’ fan, so I imagined the creamy (see #1) mushrooms hugging buttery grits–a brunch or Sunday supper dream. Really, the mushrooms sauced are very close to a stroganoff. A good friend who knows food said, the mushrooms were “the favorite part of a stroganoff”–agreed.

Now you have the 3 pieces prepped, there is nothing to do but warmup the grits, top with the mushrooms and sprinkle with fresh parsley, a pure Southern comfort recipe in 3 easy pieces.


As always, enjoy. B

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