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Honey Glazed Figs with Yogurt & Lavender Essence

A sweet and simple way to start or end the day. Indulge in a labor less treat this long weekend with Honey Glazed Figs With Yogurt & Lavender Essence.

Fresh figs are a decadent treat that require little fuss.  While taking a walk in town, I stopped in front of one of my favorite shops to find a linen-lined basket filled with fresh figs along with a note “Please help yourself”–I am always touched by the generosity of gardeners sharing their bounty. I picked up a few figs and they were too tempting to let sit around. The fresh, raw beauty of the fruit inspired the simple preparation that followed.

Figs are luscious and sweet with a slight chewiness and crunch.  Adding a honey glaze and cool creamy yogurt or ricotta cheese you have available, along with the essence of lavender, is a simple way to elevate these jewels.

A simple fruit then becomes ripe figs bathed in a sweet pink honey glaze and lavished atop creamy yogurt dusted with the essence of lavender. This little jewel is an instant way to dress up a Labor Day BBQ or just a quiet treat to enjoy by yourself!

To create your own beautiful bowl is quick and easy–all you need are a few ingredients and 5 minutes. Wishing you a beautiful labor less weekend from Bijouxs!

As always, enjoy. B
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  1. sippitysup writes

    Figs really are one of the most perfect foods. So simple is best. GREG

    • Bijouxs writes

      Figs truly are little jewels from the garden!

  2. Just gorgeous, as usual. I still have lavender simple syrup in my fridge, I wonder if that would work, too.

    • Bijouxs writes

      Hi Sue! Lavender simple syrup sounds wonderful! Sugar is the key to caramelization–so you might try reducing the lavender simple syrup down, then just as it begins to thicken add the figs for the last a few minutes. Let us know! Thank you for being a part of Bijouxs!

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