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Tortilla Soup with Green Chile Pesto

Tortilla Soup with Green Chile Pesto is a feel-good bowl you can feel good about. Quick–it cooks up in about 15 minutes. Light–the soup’s signature tortilla strips are baked, not fried. Just grab canned tomatoes, broth, and spices from the pantry–let’s go.

Tortilla soup is a Southwestern-style bowl of comfort. A garlicky-tomato spiced broth, heaped with thin strips of crisp tortilla “noodles” and the fresh addition of a heaping spoon of green chile pesto. The soup is an everyday favorite in the Bijouxs kitchen.

The green chile pesto is tart, but still brings the heat, packed with cilantro, parsley and roasted green chiles.  Stirred into the soup last minute, the green chile pesto adds a fresh, green punch. Using seasonal fresh roasted Hatch chiles both for the soup and the pesto, provided by our friends at Frieda’s Produce, really compliments this light soup nicely. Of course, you can also utilize canned roasted green chiles as well. It’s all about comfort–and convenience!

This soup is a nice warming finish after a long day at work or school. Bake the tortilla strips the night before, then just make the broth and pesto and in about 15 minutes soup’s on! Add in extras such as shredded pieces of roasted chicken or chunks of avocado for meal in a bowl.

Enjoy a feel-good bowl of Tortilla Soup from Bijouxs!

As always, enjoy. B

4 thoughts on “Tortilla Soup with Green Chile Pesto

  1. Stunning! This is a perfect end of summer soup!

    1. Hi Sue! You are the best! I also think of this soup as a season from end of summer->fall–forward. The spicy heat cools you down on hot days and warms you up on the cooler! As always, Merci!

  2. This was perfect on a day with Spring snow in the Sierras. I served our family of six (doubled the recipe) and not a drop was left. The fragrance filled our house with anticipation and the flavor exceeded our expectations. The soup not only tastes good but looks beautiful as well.
    Quick, easy, delicious, just how I like it!!!

    1. Hello Robyn, It sounds like the perfect setting for a warming bowl of soup! So happy you enjoyed one of my favorite little jewels. Thank you!

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