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House Vinaigrette

A summer evening outdoor concert spurs a Bijouxs Bits and another Bijouxs Basics in this month-long series of classic recipes. Working as a personal chef I had the opportunity to prepare meals for the most amazing families, many of which I still count as friends. An impromptu evening with such a former family, along with plenty of catching up, reveals a most requested Bijouxs, the house vinaigrette, and after all, Bijouxs is all about sharing the little jewels.

Count me lucky, but during my 7 years working as a personal chef I had the opportunity to cook and spend time with some really amazing families, no two alike, yet all shared a wonderful kindness and warmth with me, their humble chef. I prepared a variety of meals, cooked with many different food needs in mind and even had the opportunity to plan and prepare meals for some very important family events. I always have to say I am so lucky.

Most days I would prepare family food favorites and the Bijouxs house creamy mustard vinaigrette was a staple, a little jewel often left behind in the refrigerator for a meal and beyond. The original dressing was born during the beginning of my food life, while studying classic cooking and eating my way around every French restaurant I could find.

Simplicity is elegance to Bijouxs. This dressing is simple, a classic basic, no bells and whistles, just really great taste. No secrets either, use real Dijon mustard, fresh French tarragon, along with a great vinegar and oil according to your taste and you have it. Preparation is simple as well; either in a food processor or a blender, either way a creamy dressing emulsion will appear.

Although this dressing pairs nicely with most greens, a few Bijouxs favorites are watercress, soft Boston lettuce, arugula or the tiny new micro greens found in many supermarkets, but above all keep it simple, maybe add a few homemade croutons.

Sharing is what Bijouxs is all about and nothing brings me greater joy.

As always, enjoy. B

9 thoughts on “House Vinaigrette

  1. Looks delicious!, I cant wait to taste the soft elegant taste of french tarragon in this dressing. Thanks again Lynn…

    1. Darlene, this dressing will remind you of your time living in France! Enjoy from Bijouxs.

  2. I never really thought of it that way but I guess I have a house vinaigrette too. 1/4 c Dijon, 1/2 c red wine vinegar, 1 1/2 c light tasting oil… oh wait that’s Thomas Keller’s House Vinaigrette! Yours will find a place at my house soon too. GREG

    1. Hey Greg! Your & Thomas K’s house vinaigrette = perfect! Bijouxs is a very mustard-tarrragon laden version – also great as a sauce with grilled salmon or shrimp. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

  3. This looks SO good! How much oil, vinegar and dijon do you use?

    1. Hi Kim! The recipe for Bijouxs House Vinaigrette (and each post recipe) may be found by clicking the “Recipe Card” black tab at the the top of the post – also there is a little tip about drying extra tarragon in the microwave. Thank you so much for visiting Bijouxs!

  4. I guess mine is similar to Thomas Keller’s but I add minced shallot. Oh, and no measurements! Yours has a lot of dijon, and now I am very intrigued to try it! Love your bottle and set “dressing.”

    1. Hi Lentil! The Bijouxs recipe collection archive spans 3 decades and this recipe goes back – yes, pre-Keller – it’s a mustard & tarragon infusion, that it is.

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