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Restaurant Salmon with Basil Sauce


Cooking three delicious meals a day – the restaurant cook and the home cook have much the same calling. Restaurant Salmon with Basil Sauce employs the simple pan-to-oven cooking method yielding moist fish served with a simple sauce right with ingredients fresh from the home garden.  Voila, another little jewel from the Bijouxs kitchen.

The art of cooking – whether in a grand restaurant or a simple diner, restaurant chefs know how to quickly and efficiently create great meals. Many of their cooking techniques fit nicely in the home kitchen practice. One such technique with fish, is to quickly pan sauté until browned, then incorporate a bit of butter to the pan, along with herbs or garlic if desired, baste lightly with the butter, then finish the fish in a hot oven. Voila, moist and tender fish.

As a home cook and personal chef I face the call for delicious meals on the table, and time is always most precious during the evening meal. Restaurant Salmon employs a restaurant pan-seared-to-oven method for fish, and includes a simple sauce created from the summer garden bounty of fresh basil.


This recipe is my little jewel for times when beautiful fresh salmon appears at market, bright and rosy-pink. When salmon appears during the garden months, I usually have a bounty of fresh basil. Naturally, I create a sauce of basil leaves blended with a bit of garlic and capers and olive oil to top the salmon.

Restaurant Salmon with Basil – sharing another little jewel from my Bijouxs kitchen.


As always, enjoy. B

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Salmon with Basil Sauce

  1. I often top salmon with a freshly made garden pesto, but I usually just throw it all straight in the hot oven — I love the ‘restaurant’ tip of browning it in the pan first, thanks!

    1. Hi Sue – Here the simple basil sauce adds a fresh note to the richness of the buttery salmon…but salmon with pesto is always a winner too! Hope you are enjoying the summer! Enjoy.

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