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Summer Whites

The Matilija poppies are in bloom, their crinkled linen-like petals and sunny yellow centers annunciate that summer is here.  In honor of my favorite season of the year, the Summer Whites series is coming to Bijouxs, little jewel recipes that reflect the brightness of summer.

Wishing you all a thankful and thoughtful holiday weekend.


As always, enjoy. B

5 thoughts on “Summer Whites

  1. Lovely photo, and description. “crinkled linen-like petals” Wow.

  2. I absolutely LOVE Matilija Poppies. I’ve been loving seeing them in full bloom the past couple of weeks! Gorgeous photo!!!

    1. Thank you Valentina! I can see you using them in your Friday flowers. Summer is here!

  3. Simply stunning!

    1. Thank you! These beautiful little jewels from nature inspire summer cuisine. I hope you will enjoy the recipes coming soon!

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