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Poached Salmon with Dill & Capers

Days of summer whites, clad in crisp cool linen in the white hot sun, call for simple meals, easy to prepare – easy to enjoy. A Bijouxs perennial summer favorite, Poached Salmon with Dill & Capers, is a simple packet of flavors ready to enjoy in 20 minutes, a little jewel for your summer table.

Poached salmon could not be any easier or delicious. It may be served hot or cold, cooked indoors or out and is a flexible and expandable recipe, making it a perfectly simple summer gem.

Foil packet cooking is an easy avenue to poaching salmon, preserving the delicate flavor with a simple two-step recipe.  The salmon is placed on a sheet of foil, dressed with a squeeze of lemon, dash of white wine, fresh dill and capers, folded closed and placed in the oven or over indirect heat on a outdoor grill for about 15 minutes – beautiful.

This recipe also provides a flexible feast, feed a small or large crowd, add or change the herbs to suit your taste, and serve hot (here with with parsley steamed rice) or cold along with cool crisp salads, this simple poached salmon keeps your options open.

A short video from my “What’s for Dinner Tonight?” series demonstrates the process to create this simple summer favorite.

Days of summer whites, a series of simple recipes from the Bijouxs kitchen.

As always, enjoy. B

4 thoughts on “Poached Salmon with Dill & Capers

  1. I love salmon.This recipe is just the best. So few ingredients with major flavor! And cooking in a packet makes for easy cleanup! Dill & capers are so lovely with salmon. Thank you for another outstanding recipe. Looking forward to the “collection”!

    1. Hi Alice! I really love this simple salmon recipe and reach for it often, it’s a little jewel to share:) It’s also great for entertaining too. Thank you for writing and I am still working on getting a kitchen jewels recipe collection out there!

  2. I served this at a family party, and the rave reviews never ended! Everyone wanted the recipe- so I hope you see a big uptick in viewers!!! Fabulously delicious

    1. Hi Janet,

      Great to hear you enjoyed the Salmon recipe. It has been made over and over in the Bijouxs Kitchen, I have often though of it maybe with Halibut. Enjoy!

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