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Fresh English Peas with Mint

Bijouxs | Fresh English Peas with Mint

Spring is but a moment, captured in a plate of Fresh English Peas with Mint. A simple little jewel from the kitchen.

The beautiful green of Spring has begun to emerge in the Southwest and the craving for heartier dishes of winter fades. I’m ready for the promise of Spring. Fresh English peas have long been associated with season. I take every chance to savor them, also here, however this simple way with peas is a long-standing favorite.

Best of course, is to purchase fresh peas in the pods, the shelling experience is a little time of kitchen zen, and I am looking forward. A close second, is to procure fresh peas already shelled, many markets are carrying them, keep your eye out. (That is what I used here). The last option is frozen peas, which I defrost and thoroughly dry before giving them the quick sauté in the butter.

The in-the-moment cooking, leaves the peas crisp and bright green, almost as if you are eating them just picked from the garden, still warm from the sun. Mint is a lovely complement to the delicate sweet nature of peas, enriched with a wash of sweet, creamy butter. I like to splurge on a rich European-style butter, with a higher butter fat content, such as Lurpak Salted Butter, Straus Organic European Style Sweet Butter, or Plugra, available in most supermarkets.

Capturing the moment of Spring – Fresh English Peas with Mint, sharing a simple little jewel.

As always, enjoy. B

2 thoughts on “Fresh English Peas with Mint

  1. Peas are underrated, and your dish is beautiful, showing their simplicity. I have shelled my own peas only a few times, and what fun.

    1. Hi Angela, Agreed. I think of peas as the little jewels of vegetables. I used sit and help my Grandmother shell them – some in the bowl and some for me. Thank you.

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