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French Beans with Garlic & Herbs


French Beans with Garlic & Herbs–add a sunny plate of color to your holiday table with a simple little jewel from the recipe collection at Bijouxs.

Traditionally green beans are a favorite side dish on the holiday table. Instead of the go-to green bean casserole this year, opt for something fresher, a lighter complement to your holiday spread–yellow french beans known as haricot jaune. These little jewels are a perfect way to shake things up a bit, while still remaining true to the traditional flavors and tastes of the season.

This recipe is a take on classic French beans, one that transtions the seasons beautifully. Often it becomes the base for a summer Provençal-style salad, with the inclusion of tuna, potatoes, capers, tomatoes and olives. The pop of yellow is playful and maybe even a bit unexpected in Winter, but why not embrace a little sunshine?

Thank holiday goodness this sunny plate of French Beans with Garlic & Herbs is an easy fix. A majority of the recipe can be prepped ahead–here’s how: parboil the beans, mince the shallots and garlic, prep the fresh basil leaves and parsley–ready & set. Just prior to serving, the beans are quickly sautéed with the shallots and garlic until heated through, toss in the herbs, then plate and serve the sunshine.

Wishing you bright, sunny and delicious Holidays from Bijouxs.

As always, enjoy. B

6 thoughts on “French Beans with Garlic & Herbs

  1. I always covet those gorgeous yellow beans at the Hollywood Farmers Market. Have you tried the flatter Italian version? GREG

    1. The designer in me just loves the yellow color, of course. I have only tried the flatter (Romano) Italian green beans, use them in one of my Mom’s stews…have not seen them in yellow-sound wonderful! Sending holiday joy!

  2. This is the prettiest plate of beans I’ve seen. I will definitely make these for Australia Day (Yellow and Green) LOL

    1. Greetings Maureen! Thank you so much for the kind words. I love that these little gems will be served on Australia Day! So cool that food connects people from all over the world. Enjoy!

  3. Don’t see the recipe on the page

    1. Hello,

      Tap the the black tab that says Recipe Card. That will bring up a new window. Click on the page if the recipe does not come up right away, also check your browser to make sure pop ups are allowed. Thank you!

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