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Italian White Beans

Behold the humble bowl of beans, warming comfort in the late winter chill. Italian White Beans, creamy and garlic infused create a master recipe – versatile, flexible, easily transformed into a variety of dishes – a bowl of little white jewels, a Bijouxs Basics everyday beauty.

Beans are a lovely staple, off times forgotten, that provide the base for simple, earthy recipes. Italian White Beans are a Bijouxs Basics, which through the decades has transformed into a very flexible, simple to prepare and also very cost efficient recipe.

The basic Italian White Bean recipe is simple – let the oven do the work and with time a creamy pot of beans emerges, ready a variety of kitchen assignments. Here, white beans make a great side dish, served at room temperature, alongside simple grilled meats, such chicken or your favorite sausage.

But, the beans can also easily transform into a multitude of other delicious and healthy recipes. First, the beans transform into a soup when pureed and warmed through with additional broth to the desired consistency. Next, the beans easily adapt into a delightful sandwich spread, drain off some of the liquid, puree and spread on dark whole grain bread topped with arugula leaves and roasted red peppers. Or, puree with a little more olive oil and use as a dip with perhaps a little shot of spicy Sriracha sauce. The beans also can transform into a salad by tossing the drained beans with wine vinegar, some additional oil and adding freshly chopped red peppers, cucumbers, and green onions. My favorite weeknight comfort though, is a bowl of the creamy Italian White Beans topped with additional chopped onion, sautéed mushrooms with a dash of truffle oil.

Bake up a bowl of creamy comfort – Italian White Beans, a Bijouxs Basics simple, versatile everyday little jewel.

As always, enjoy. B

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  1. Mmm. That is such comfort food to my palate. Also we should have a prop pow wow. You have some beautiful things and I am searching for a few good props for my book! GREG

    1. So excited about your book! Yes, contact me for a prop pow wow! Thank you!

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