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Perfect Pairing | Tuscany

TuscanyPear & Endive Salad - Bijouxs Little Jewels

It’s summer, the season to jet off to tour a charming estate in Tuscany, join me, lunch will be served on the terrace, a Perfect Pairing.

Tuscany – just the mere name elicits daydreams of the beautiful Italian countryside. Here, just up a quiet country lane, lies a charming estate in the heart of Chianti. And of course there is a winery that is part of the estate, along with a main villa, guest house and even a private chapel. This property could be a wonderful home for a food lover, as it also produces fresh farm produce and a storage area for your own olive oil. Rolling hills with verdant olive trees for as far as the eye can see. Let’s have lunch on the terrace, I have chosen a Perfect Pairing.

For our lunch on the terrace, I imagine a favorite little jewel recipe from a memorable trip to Florence, center of Tuscany. Bijouxs No. 166, Salad of Pear, Endive & Hazelnuts with Creamy Romano Dressing, would be a perfect pairing to savor while touring this lovely estate. The combination of sweet pears with the salty Romano cheese is a delicious duo, and when crafted within a salad a fresh first or main course is born. I have yet to locate here at home the creamy young Romano that was part of the original salad I dined on in Florence, however a good quality Romano will suffice to recreate a memorable salad from Tuscany.

The terrace has a beautiful view and I imagine it is the perfect place for our lunch. Please enjoy another Perfect Pairing from Bijouxs Little Jewels. Happy Summer.

PROPERTY:  Property photograph and details from Sotheby’s International Realty.

PAIRING: Bijouxs No. 166, Salad of Pear, Endive & Hazelnuts

As always, enjoy. B

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