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Summer Berry Flaugnarde

Gorgeous fruits are making their appearance everywhere you look, yes, summer is here. Summer Berry Flaugnarde, with a puffy light outer crust and creamy custard filling, could not be simpler – Bijouxs Summer Whites No. 2 is here.

When summer fruit become the cuisine de rigueur, it’s time for recipes that honor the fruit and are summer easy. A tried and true Bijouxs summer whites recipe: Summer Berry Flaugnarde, easier than pie.

Many of you may already be familiar with classic clafouti, the delicate French  baked custard dessert traditionally made with cherries, but a clafouti is a very flexible dessert. The simple custard mixture also very lovingly envelops other fruits and then it is referred to as a flaugnarde.

Summer berries, here yellow raspberries and boysenberries pair, but any mélange of summer berries will do, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and mulberries all lend themselves to a wonderful flaugnarde.

Simple on-hand batter ingredients make a summer fruit find at the farmers market a great dessert in a very short time. An easy traveler, a rustic flaugnarde can make its way with you to an event.

Bake in traditional round tart/pie pan, a small ovenproof skillet or in square/rectangular tart pans and carve into little bites or thin slices, then accompany with or without a scoop of vanilla ice cream or fruit sorbet.

Summer Berry Flaugnarde – a simple summer dessert for summer’s bounty of fruits, a true simple summer whites.

As always, enjoy. B

3 thoughts on “Summer Berry Flaugnarde

  1. gorgeous! i made a clafoutis -ish frangipane with cherries this weekend, because i am swimming in them. i love your flaugnarde…what a gorgeous summer breakfast treat…or mid-day, just coming in from the garden, snack. everything you do is top-notch…such an inspiration.


    1. Thanks Rip! These desserts go by so many different names, but share one thing in common – so summer easy!

  2. What a delightful summer treat.. This would be perfect for a weekend brunch! Can’t wait to try.

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