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Yankee Pot Roast


Pure comfort. Chilly winds and rain are chased away with the comfort of a true classic, Yankee Pot Roast. Sharing another little jewel from the collection, for your kitchen.

We are almost into February and the rain has come back to California; it always does, eventually. Time now to reach back into my collection of winter recipes to cook a favorite from the past, a childhood memory brought to life.

A pot roast is actually a very easy dish to prepare, now given it’s own blog post, but was made weekly in our home. The economical chuck roast turns melt-in-your-mouth tender. Leftovers are plenty for the week (if there are any.) You will need a large, heavy pot to prepare the recipe. An enamel-lined Le Creuset works great, going from stovetop to oven with ease – great investment piece.

Who can forget the smells of Mom browning the roast, getting a crispy brown crust, preparing it for its slow roast with vegtables, cooked with care and love. I add some things my Mom did not, which is the addtion of first crisping up some bacon and browning the roast in the rendered fat from the bacon, along with a touch of red wine, more flavor!

The next step is to sauté chopped onion, garlic and rosemary with butter. Deglaze the pan with wine, add tomatoes, return beef to pot, and bake for a few hours. Last step, add your choice of serving vegetables, and cook a bit more. So easy. Plated on my Grandmother’s china and served family style. A true taste of home.

Enjoy the winter little jewel from the collection, from my home.

P.S. Check out Bijouxs|Basics board at Pinterest – all the cooking equipment from the Bijouxs Kitchen.

As always, enjoy. B

2 thoughts on “Yankee Pot Roast

  1. Sounds great, reminds me of my moms Sunday roast, brased carrots with mashed potatoes and a brown gravy. Add a bottle of a bold red wine and it’s heaven! Going to try this recipe for sure!


    1. Hi Paul! Your Mom is a GREAT cook, thanks for the kind words. Sounds like a good plan, Enjoy!

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