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Everyday Strawberry Jam

A basket of strawberries + 30 minutes = Everyday Strawberry Jam. Bursting with fresh, true strawberry flavor, a versatile kitchen condiment and the secret to my healthy nut butter & jam sandwiches. Beautiful everyday classic recipes from Bijouxs.

More and more, we all wonder as we cruise the vast supermarket aisles, “Where did this food come from and what’s really in it?” Food labels are akin to reading hieroglyphics. Consider this simple, classic beauty, Everday Strawberry Jam – just two ingredients with loads of fresh flavor.

Strawberries are appearing in the markets, teasing us with summer and the Fraises de bois strawberries in the Bijouxs garden begin to bear their delicate fruit. Time to make some jam.

This is a quick jam – 30 minutes – no canning required.  I usually make it small batches, savoring the smell of strawberry that drifts about the house as it simmers. Begin with a base of organic strawberries (worth it), just a basket and add the Fraises de bois berries during the final 5 minutes of cooking to preserve their delicate form. This quick jam method also works for other berries such as raspberries, blackberries, etc.


Everyday Strawberry Jam makes an incredible sandwich, a favorite of my son and little ones who visit, made with freshly baked whole grain bread, almond butter and slathered with a generous layer of the fresh strawberry jam. But this jam can do so much more: Stir it into oatmeal, add a tablespoon or two to your morning smoothie, soften a pint of vanilla gelato and gently swirl in the jam and refreeze, or just enjoy on a slice of freshly baked bread.

Bijouxs: Little Jewels from the Kitchen is sharing the time-tested beautiful everyday classics from my kitchen to yours – Everyday Strawberry Jam.

As always, enjoy. B

5 thoughts on “Everyday Strawberry Jam

  1. gorgeous! spring has arrived in the bijouxs kitchen, no doubt. i am anxiously awaiting the arrival of our berries in the mountains. i was going to post my strawberry rhubarb jam this week, but after seeing how stunning yours is…i will just let the world feast on it! 🙂


    1. Rippler – I am looking forward to your strawberry rhubarb jam!! You are a canning queen – my jam is just an everyday thing – but I did buy that electric canner, so looking forward to your recipe:) ~Bij

  2. I want to sink my teeth into that delicious looking sandwich. Awesome!!!

  3. You grow your own berries? Fantastic. GREG

    1. I grow Fraises de bois (alpine strawberries) as a ground cover, a perk of living where we do. Started growing them long ago because I could not buy them anywhere and they are very costly!

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