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Minted Pea & Potato Salad


There will always be England. There will always be spring. Inspired by the verdant green of the English countryside and a salad served at a most lovely historic estate comes Minted Pea & Potato Salad, a fresh little emerald jewel for your spring holiday table.

One summer, not so long ago, I embarked on a memorable journey to England, first stop was a brief visit to the most lovely of all historic hotels, the Hartwell House. Arriving in a jet-fatigued condition the two things I wanted most were a fresh, light meal and rest. A ring down to the kitchen with a request for a green salad and a beautiful tray arrived with the most lovely green salad – literally all things were green, just as I had requested  – assorted baby greens, fresh peas, curly pea tendrils and a mix fresh herbs including mint and parsley, all fresh from the hotel’s organic garden. Alongside was placed a little bowl of crisp potatoes. This combination did not leave my mind.

Minted Pea & Potato Salad brings together the fresh greens of spring, English peas and baby potatoes bathed in a light minted pestoesque dressing, a refreshing compliment to traditional Easter fare, such as lamb. Fresh peas are cooked for a mere 30 seconds, bright green and crisp, baby potatoes sliced while still warm are added to the dressing and plated with crisp, cool baby greens and fresh pea shoots. A spring salad to enjoy in the moment.

Eternal England and spring inspiring an emerald little jewel – Minted Pea & Potato Salad for the season.

As always, enjoy. B

7 thoughts on “Minted Pea & Potato Salad

  1. This looks pretty and yummy too!

    1. Hi Julie! Good to hear from you & happy spring!

  2. The Green of Spring has never looked so delicious. GREG

  3. absolutely stunning. what beautiful “green” images! sounds like it was a lovely trip, and I’m ready for that salad, right now for lunch! 😉

    1. The Hartwell House is like a modern-day Downton Abby – and their green salads were truly lovely! Thank you Valentina!

  4. Sorry to just be catching up, but this looks fab! I love peas and mint together, and this pesto sounds very unique! Can’t wait to try!

    1. The flavors from my memorable meal at Hartwell House. Enjoy!

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