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Pizza with Blistered Summer Tomatoes & Burrata

Pizza with Blistered Summer Tomatoes & Burrata

Tomato season + pizza make a winning combination. First, begin with Bijouxs 15-Minute Pizza dough then top with Blistered Tomatoes & Burrata. A new Summer little jewel.


So thankful for my generous foodie friends. A drop off of cluster tomatoes and fresh burrata led to Pizza with Blistered Tomatoes & Burrata. Pizza is a great vehicle for almost any topping and this combination of blistered tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, anchovies and burrata cheese is a winner.

Pizza with Blistered Summer Tomatoes & Burrata

These cluster tomatoes are from the farmers market, however you can find them in many markets, like good old Trader Joe’s. Tomatoes deliver the fresh punch of flavor and the sun dried tomatoes adding savory richness. Salty goodness from the anchovies. The creamy burrata, from a local Italian vendor, melted perfectly to create a creamy blanket to surround the tomatoes. I added dried oregano along with fresh basil from my garden.

Pizza with Blistered Summer Tomatoes & Burrata


The tag line for the website, and truly you can design you meals to be beautiful without a lot of effort. Pizza with Blistered Summer Tomatoes & Burrata has just a few ingredients, all of which you can get at most supermarkets. Buy ready to bake pizza dough if you are short of time. Being home for all these months, brings to the front of mind the importance of dining at home, with friends and family. Here at home to savor a slice of pizza and a glass of wine. Bonds are strengthened by sharing food and meals together.

Pizza with Blistered Summer Tomatoes & Burrata, a recipe of simply beautiful food for those of us who cook at home. Stay well.

As always, enjoy. B

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