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15 Minute Pizza Dough


Just a simple sphere of dough, topped with tomato, prosciutto, fresh ricotta and olives = pizza, the things cravings are made of.  Bijouxs 15 Minute Pizza Dough, a quick little jewel from the kitchen.

Yes, pizza is one of the official cravings in the Bijouxs kitchen, a favorite for both dining out and dinning in. Sans a searing hot wood-fired oven in the Bijouxs kitchen and short of time, an old-school style pizza will do – made with a short-cut 15 Pizza Dough = craving fulfilled.

15 Minute Pizza Dough was born out of necessity. After taking a stellar bread baking class with Nancy Silverton in my earlier days of cooking, which included making yeast starter by fermenting grapes to create the glorious rustic breads famed by La Brea Bakery, I concluded I also needed a quick method to get pizza on the table stat.

The food processor steps in, a true little jewel in the kitchen. Pizza dough made in the food processor is fast and easy. Then to speed things up even more, the traditional rise of the dough is eliminated. Note, when I do have time, I do allow the dough to have two official rises before baking, but this is pizza that needs to be on the table. So, after a short rest, the dough is rolled, shaped into a thin round and placed on an oiled pizza pan – ready and waiting for its topping.

The toppings too, reflect the same nature of urgency. While the dough rests, from the pantry a can of San Marzano tomatoes are whirled in the blender along with a healthy pinch of salt, for a quick, uncooked tomato sauce. From the refrigerator finds from the Italian market include slices of prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, tiny Nicoise olives and anchovies to complete the pizza.

Into a hot 450 degree oven to bake, during which time I wash the food processor and blender, then perhaps pour a cool beverage to savor and chill until it’s pizza time – craving fulfilled.


As always, enjoy. B

4 thoughts on “15 Minute Pizza Dough

  1. Mmm I love a good simple pizza and this looks to die for!!

  2. I want to dig into my screen for this beautiful pizza!

  3. Salut! Would love to try this, but I have no idea what size your ‘envelope of yeast’ is. I live in Europe, where we have small cubes of yeast measured in grams.

    1. Hi Kat! An envelope of dry yeast is typically 0.25 oz. = 2 1/4 teaspoons. I hope this helps. Enjoy!

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