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Ventura Highway Garden Salad

Ventura Highway Garden Salad | Bijouxs Little Jewels

Here is literally everything I grow my tiny beachside garden in a bowl, the Ventura Highway Garden Salad-on the fresh and healthy road, of course a little jewel.
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July 3, 2019
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Poached Salmon with Dill & Capers

Days of summer whites, clad in crisp cool linen in the white hot sun, call for simple meals, easy to prepare – easy to enjoy. A Bijouxs perennial summer favorite, Poached Salmon with Dill & Capers, is a simple packet of flavors ready to enjoy in 20 minutes, a little jewel for your summer table.
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June 2, 2012
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Greek Lemon Soup

January, soup month at Bijouxs concludes with a bowl of soup that is a super bowl for next Sunday, especially if you are looking for a healthy alternative for a food obsessed day of sports. Greek Lemon Soup cooks up super-quick (microwave option), creamy and satisfying, yet leaves room for cocktails and nibbles of course – a little jewel of a soup.
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January 29, 2012
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Bijouxs Basics: Potato Salad with Lemon & Dill

Bijouxs is cooking up a sunny disposition, a golden potato salad dressed in yellow and sporting warm flavors from the sun. September is a month of the Bijouxs Basics, here another simple little golden jewel – Potato Salad with Lemon & Dill.
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September 25, 2011