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Spiced Marinated Feta

Handcrafted simplicity – Spiced Marinated Feta – a welcome holiday food gift – creamy little bites that are perfect as an appetizer or just as welcome folded into the morning omelette – Bijouxs Handcrafted Holiday Savory.

One very simple and loved food gift I give at the holidays is Spiced Marinated Feta – almost a no-cook recipe which yields creamy bites of feta that make their way onto appetizer plates, tossed along with hot pasta, or tucked inside a favorite sandwich  – Bijouxs!

Spiced Marinated Feta is a simple recipe that allows you to adjust the spices to suit your own taste. However as you notice, there is the absence of raw garlic and raw herbs in the recipe, if giving as a food gift I avoid using these. I print out the storage and recipe use suggestions, along with the shelf life of the food gift – food safety 101. Marinated feta requires refrigeration and may be stored up to about 5 days in the refrigerator.

Handcrafting the holidays with food is a joyful tradition and Bijouxs was very happy to have made a visit to Belle’s Nest (a little jewel of a vendor) this past Friday for a special private in-store open house to share Bijouxs Handcrafted Holidays Sweet and Savory. Shoppers and artists convened to enjoy all things handcrafted.

Thank you to my friends at Belle’s Nest and to the wonderful new friends Bijouxs met on a lovely evening, enjoying conversations of food with friends.

Handcrafting the holidays, sweet and savory, from Bijouxs.

As always, enjoy. B

2 thoughts on “Spiced Marinated Feta

  1. I wish I’d have known I’d have popped in for a bite. GREG

    1. That would have been fun! Hope to see you soon!

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