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Crispy Baked Shrimp

Crispy Baked Shrimp | Bijouxs Little Jewels

A take on the retro friend ‘Shake’n Bake’ seasoning goes grain-free and gets amped up with spices–bake up some Crispy Baked Shrimp more Little Jewels from the Kitchen.


Bake don’t fry, let’s keep this recipe easy and healthy. No need to fry these shrimp, they are perfectly crispy baked in the oven with a savory crunchy coating. You could fry these shrimp, but why?

As you can see, a sheet pan works perfect to bake the shrimp to a crispy golden brown.

Crispy Baked Shrimp | Bijouxs Little Jewels


Don’t skimp on the shrimp. Jumbo or Large shrimp tail on are optimal for this recipe. Source your shrimp from your local fish monger where you can ensure the shrimp is fresh and from a sustainable source. 

It’s nice to keep the tail on to hold while you dip the shrimp in your favorite seafood sauce. 

Crispy Baked Shrimp | Bijouxs Little Jewels


No need to make your own cocktail sauce. I use a good organic brand and doctor it up with a little Old Bay Seasoning, just the kick a bottled sauce will need.

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Bijouxs Bites: Portuguese Sausage Rolls

Bijouxs Bites: Portuguese Sausage Rolls | Bijouxs Little Jewels

It’s been a minute since I posted a Bijouxs Bites recipe! Ok, here is one I use often when enteratining guests. Retro-favorite favorite pigs-in-a blanket come to mind with Portuguese Sausage Rolls-a simple little bite from the Bijouxs Kitchen.


I confess, I always loved when my Mom made Pigs-in-Blankets, even though she made them with ready-made biscuit dough and little smokey sausages, so very retro. Fast foward, still loving these crispy bites I now make them with all-butter puff pastry and smoked Portuguese sausage. Also great, is no need for perfection, just slice dough to fit sausage.

 Bijouxs Bites: Portuguese Sausage Rolls | Bijouxs Little Jewels


This Hawaiian breakfast classic landed on my radar during my honeymoon in Hawaii; served with scrambled eggs it became my go-to breakfast. Back home in LA we found a great little cafe in Eagle Rock that served the same breakfast, so that was now on our Sunday breakfast repeat. A million years (seriously) have passed but somehow Portuguese sausage once again came into view at my local Whole Foods, into the basket it went.

My first thought was breakfast, but I noticed sausage rolls on IG for parties…hum let’s do it with Portuguese sauage. The test recipe turned out to be a winner and sooooo easy. I plan on serving these as part of a summer appetizer. Savor another Little Jewel from my Bijouxs Kitchen to yours.

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Spiced Pickled Grapes

Spiced Pickled Grapes | Bijouxs Little Jewels

Let’s get pickled. Spiced Pickled Grapes are sweet, crisp and spiced–another simple Little Jewel from the Bijouxs Kitchen.


Pickles can be much more than cucumbers. I love to make pickled vegetables and fruits. They are easy to make, no canning required. The result is crisp, fresh and tangy sides which make great condiments for meats and salads. In the Spring it’s time for these wonderful Pickled Peaches with Brandy topping both both savory and sweet dishes. Spice up your cocktail hour with Quick & Spicy Pickled Vegetables. This Quick Thai Cucumber Pickle makes a simple side salad and uses just one cucumber.

My recipes are often driven by the need to not to waste food. We used to pickle to preserve food. My Grandmother pickled or preserved just about every vegetable and fruit she grew. After surviving the Great Depression she planned ahead. My favorite book with introduces the concept of “cooking with economy and grace” in An Everlasting Meal. This is a lovely book that I needed back in 2011 with a job loss looming, not so far off in today’s work climate. This pickle is a take on Tamar Alder’s pickle recipe.

Spiced Pickled Grapes | Bijouxs Little Jewels



I had an extra bunch of sweet red grapes left from a charcuterie board I served recently. Feeling it’s now time for some fresh flavors as Winter begins to turn to Spring. Quick pickling is a method to capture the freshness of the ingredient and flavor with a sweet-tart vinegar based brine-don’t worry it is easy.

Spiced Pickled Grapes | Bijouxs Little Jewels

First, up make the brining liquid which consists of vinegar, brown sugar and some flavorful spices. Bring to a simmer then pour the hot brine over the grapes in a heat-proof bowl.
Allow to cool to room temperature. Place in glass jar and store in the refrigerator. They should keep tighly sealed for about a month. I always check by a quick smell to make sure food is still fresh.

Spiced Pickled Grapes |Bijouxs Little Jewels


Honestly, I have been snacking on the grapes right from the jar. Think also of using the grapes along with creamy goat cheese tossed in a simple salad of tender baby greens.
Preserving today is a little jewel.