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Sugar & Spice Pecans

Join Bijouxs in the kitchen with a collection of recipes perfect as handcrafted gifts for sharing – Bijouxs Handcrafted Holidays | Sweet & Savory. To begin, some charming little bites – Sugar & Spice Peans – little kitchen jewels to share.

It just so happens this Los Angeles native has spent quite a bit of time in the lovely state of Georgia – autumn trips at Thanksgiving to a rural farm, which included plenty of time for antiquing, kids riding horses, road trips in search of the best BBQ around and of course snacking on scrumptious bowls of Georgia pecans. It is upon these memories of hospitality that this recipe was fashioned.


It’s no wonder I chose Georgia pecans as one the five little jewels from the PMA Fresh Summit back in October, but a little more was involved. So what makes Georgia pecans little jewels? The fact is that the pecan is the only native American nut tree, along with their deliciousness, pecans also pack an antioxidant punch, more capacity than most other nuts, so munch away on these little gems.

Sugar & Spice Pecans are classic Southern sugared pecans with a hint of warming spice – a simple holiday gift or hostess gift take-along. Toasting and grinding your own spices makes all the difference in the world. This warming spice blend can also be added to a cup of hot milky tea, cider or add pinch in holiday baked goods instead of cinnamon.

In the true essence of a handcrafted holiday, I canvased through all craft and paper goods on hand – what emerged were little jewel pillow boxes filled with Sugar & Spice Pecans, tied up in a package made from corrugated packing wrap and hand stamped labels secured with twine – a truly found handcrafted holiday.

Bijouxs Handcrafted Holiday | Sweet & Savory – get snacking with Georgia pecans. Thank you to Georgia Pecan Growers for bestowing Bijouxs with these beautiful Georgia Pecans!

As always, enjoy. B

10 thoughts on “Sugar & Spice Pecans

  1. I want some of those for Christmas! xoxoxo Your Georgia Pal

    1. Bijouxs will be sending a box of these pecans your way!

  2. Pecans are my very favorite nut, coming from Texas, but I didn’t know about their antioxidant properties. Thanks for the info and the lovely “chai” pecan recipe. That spice combo is hard to resist, as are your artful and luscious photos!

    1. Hi Lentil – I also did not know about the antioxidant properties of pecans-but stands to reason since most nuts contain them. I have been using almost the same spice mix for many years in Alice’s Truffles, Bijouxs No. 93, which is also a holiday food gift favorite.

  3. Lynn — another gorgeous post. What attention to detail. Anyone would be delighted to receive such a pretty package with such a delicious treat inside!

    1. Hello talented Chef! Bijouxs is all about simple, everyday beauty, right here in our kitchens! Thank you!

  4. Thanks! This recipe sounds so delicious. They’ll make a special gift for neighbors and friends this year!

    1. Happy Holidays Judith! These are pretty yummy! If you don’t have time to make the spice powder, they are great with just the cinnamon. Enjoy!

  5. Lynn,
    Having you at Belle’s Nest was absolutely wonderful! You are an inspiration and a delight to work with. I’m looking forward to taking your classes in 2013!
    Belle’s Nest

    1. What a lovely evening at Belle’s Nest! Thank you again for including Bijouxs! So wonderful to meet your clients and artists. I love how your store supports the beautiful little handcrafted jewels. Looking forward to 2013! With gratitude, Bijouxs.

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