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Curry Bone Broth with Mushrooms & Greens

Curry Bone Broth with Mushrooms & Greens | Bijouxs Little Jewels

Keep calm and curry on, a new cooking mantra. Staying at home safe and sound has led me to try a variety of new recipes.  A bowl of soup is always a comfort. Curry Bone Broth with Mushroom & Greens is very easy and makes use of pantry ingredients and fresh or frozen vegetables. Keep calm in the kitchen with Bijouxs Little Jewels from the Kitchen.


A bowl of soup equals comfort. In the hot-then-cold weather of late summer, soup tastes good and a spicy bowl of curry works in all kinds of weather. I started this soup by using pantry items such as organic bone broth, canned coconut milk, curry paste and pickled jalapeños. I had some left over bone broth, but there are great organic broths in most supers.  Next I emptied out the vegetable drawer using a mix of leftover greens, some mushrooms, garlic, ginger and fresh cilantro.


In my years working as a personal chef, I came to adore curry-based cuisine. I made curries for my clients and I replicated some of my restaurant favorites, such as Curry Laksa and Instant Coconut Chicken Curry . This soup is a compilation of the other two recipes.

You can make the curry as spicy and intense as you like, adjust the amount of curry to suite your taste. Being a Los Angeles native, I never shy away from spicy food. For a more mild version of this soup adjust the amount of the fresh curry paste, start with a little and add more to taste. Curry based broths provide spice to the creamy texture of the coconut milk, of course garlic and ginger are included. You may not have cooked with Fish sauce it is a staple seasoning in many Asian dishes, it adds the savory umami profile to the soup. I used vegetables, both frozen and fresh, I had on hand which keeps this soup so simple–frozen sliced mushrooms and fresh kale from my garden. Don’t forget the garnish of green onions, lime, cilantro, and I add a slice of pickled jalapeño, just love that hot.

I have been lucky to ferret out wonderful curries along the California mid-coast, also a fabulous store which stock spices and most cooking items from India, even fresh curry leaves. Cooking to keep ourselves healthy and happy with Bijouxs Little Jewels from the Kitchen. Saw this fun info pic everywhere out there, yes keep calm and curry on. Stay well everyone!

Curry Bone Broth with Mushrooms & Greens | Bijouxs Little Jewels from the Garden

As always, enjoy. B

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