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Wellness Turmeric Bone Broth with Ginger, Citrus & Herbs

Wellness Turmeric Bone Broth with Ginger, Citrus & Herbs

Winter season is upon us. Now is a great time to make a big pot of  Wellness Turmeric Bone Broth with Ginger, Citrus & Herbs. Packed with plenty of feel good warming spices, citrus and chicken, this is the soup for what ails you. A healthy winter little jewel from Bijouxs.

Along the California coast this fall we have seen it all,  fires, wind, rain, snow, and of course earthquakes, so what’s new right? It’s how we live out here, lush and wild, with the weather changing on a whim. However, I could not live anywhere else, as I have learned. But here, by the central coast, most days there is sun and the air is clean, and life is a bit slower. I feel we live in the ‘latitude of gratitude.’ I am slowly making this my home.


It’s natural to crave warming soups this season, but I wanted something with well, with a bit more life. A repost of a prior recipe popped up on the interwebs from the very most lovely website, Hungry Ghost. I had followed along, but it gone dark for a few years. Now they are just doing beautiful photography. So the soup of my dreams appeared.

I knew I wanted chicken soup and I had a leftover chicken carcass, which creates a healthy bone based broth. I had citrus and the usual herbs from my garden. I did a little tweaking of the original recipe and I worked up a soup to love, Wellness Turmeric Bone Broth with Ginger, Citrus & Herbs. This soup included all the things I had on hand, with healing turmeric and warming ginger. To make things even better, it can be made in the Instant Pot. Win.


I have become a big fan of the instant pot, especially for soups and stews.  Literally, you chuck all of the ingredients in the Instant Pot and add water. Seal cover and cook for 1 hour, easy. I adjusted recipe for a 6-Quart Instant Pot, but you can make it in one of the larger pots, but not smaller. This recipe fills the 6 quarts. I have noted between 12-15 cups of water, this allows for the size difference in actual ingredients. Just be careful not to fill it too full. The water should almost cover things. You can make this on the stovetop, I have included a note in the recipe card.

Wellness Turmeric Bone Broth with Ginger, Citrus & Herbs

Wellness Turmeric Bone Broth with Ginger, Citrus & Herbs

Don’t be shy with the use of the fresh ginger, citrus and fresh herbs, they really give the soup its bright flavors. Another thing to note about the soup is, as I remember Thomas Keller stating in the classic French Laundry Cookbook, “strain, strain, strain”, this helps achieve a lovely clear broth. I admit, sometimes I get lazy and one strain is all the soups get.

Wellness Turmeric Bone Broth with Ginger, Citrus & Herbs

To serve, I add a few pieces of reserved shredded chicken gathered from the bones, a few thinly sliced celery stalks with minced leaves. A sprinkle of dukkha seasoning is added as well. There you have it, a warming golden bowl of chicken soup for the soul.


As always, enjoy. B

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