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Capellini Aglio Olino Peperoncino

Capellini with garlic, oil and chile pepper

Back to basics. Simple straightforward food that well, just tastes really good. This 4-ingredient Italian classic Capellini Aglio Olino Peperoncino is a staple in the Bijouxs Kitchen, ready to fulfill any hunger attack even when your cupboard is almost bare, always a little jewel.


Times they are a changing’ this year. A metamorphosis of life, evolving, changing and adapting. So goes cooking, directly influenced by our access to food. One day I was all about the farmer’s market, picking up my favorite delicacies weekly, now I am crossing my fingers for food deliveries, doing the best I can with what is available. Who knew?

Hard times are familiar in my family, so being able to cook makes even scarcity a time of enjoyable meals. Basic Italian is at the heart of my meal prep. Simple pastas are am amazing source of quick, delicious meals. Simple food the real Italian way.


Pantry basics like pasta (a variety) olive oil, fresh garlic, and some spicy red pepper is all you need to savor this dish. Even better news, budget friendly and ready in about 15 minutes. Keeping cooking real here at Bijouxs Little Jewels from the Kitchen for 9 years now. The goal of the site is to provide simply beautiful food for the home cook. With my pop-recipe cards, a distraction free site and digital cookbooks for ease of shopping and cooking, I am proud of what I have created and I hope you enjoy the site and will support by picking up a cookbook at our SHOP.

Capellini with garlic, oil and chile pepper


I sampled a taste of these simple pasta dishes on my journey in Italy. At that point in the trip, I was traveling alone, so I dined at the local eateries, sitting at the long communal tables with other diners. The only question I was asked was “rosso or bianco”. Truly some of the best food I have every tasted were at the most humble establishments – dare I say the food was cooked with love.

You will love this capellini with garlic, oil and chile pepper. It will be come a default dish when you are tired, did not shop or just want the comfort of a bowl of simple pasta, a little jewel from my kitchen to yours.


As always, enjoy. B

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