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Farmhouse Chicken & Dumplings


Chicken & Dumplings, our Nebraska family farmhouse favorite. This is a delicately, simply flavored chicken stew, topped with puffy pillows of dumpling comfort–an 1800’s little jewel.
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February 23, 2014
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Tomato Barley Soup


A New Year is here–always a great time to add some lighter dishes to the kitchen menu. Enter Tomato Barley Soup–no added fat, no added salt–a fresh, healthy bowl that still satisfies on frosty winter days. A warming little jewel from the 2014 Recipe Collection.
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January 4, 2014
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Bacon Bloody Mary

San Francisco welcomed me for a week with open arms, and yes, I left a bit of my heart there, but I returned with some recipes. A celebratory cocktail, the Bacon Bloody Mary, inspired by visit to a warm and most wonderful restaurant – cheers to Mother’s Day from Bijouxs.
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May 11, 2013
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Celery, Lovage and Almond Soup

Lovage  (Levisticum officinale)  – if you don’t have it in your herb garden – plant it. Pretty saucy statement I know, but lovage is truly a Bijouxs. It is a large, vigorous (perennial) herb with celery-like leaves that harbor an intense celery-ansie flavor. Uses? Endless – think celery squared.

One way in which I like to use lovage is in this delicate, and fresh soup from Fifteen Minutes Meals. I have intensified the celery flavor with my addition of fresh lovage.
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August 29, 2010