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Hazelnut Praline Sauce

I thought I would conclude the Mason jar cuisine series on a sweet note with Hazelnut Praline Sauce – 4 ingredients and in about 10 minutes, you have a decadent, portable sauce – great over ice cream, brownies hot out of oven and simply lovely over fresh fruit, here grilled apricots take the stage proving that humble Mason Jar cuisine can also be beautiful kitchen jewelry.

This sweet caramel sauce, along with its many other renditions, has graced the Bijouxs kitchen forever it seems, a true little Bijouxs Basics. Standard pantry items all at the 1 cup ratio make this sauce simple to remember and even simpler to create.  Cream, brown sugar and nuts, all at even proportions, are sparked with a touch of vanilla and liqueur (today I used Grand Marnier) if desired, to fashion a simple sauce in about 10 minutes.

Chic little Weck jars store this lovely sauce. A drizzle of the warm sauce over quickly grilled apricots (or peaches) is wonderful. Halved and pitted apricots are grilled on a cast iron stovetop grill, coated with a little butter for richness and the beautiful brown. Grill the apricots, cut side down, for a few minutes on a rather hot grill, then drizzle warmed Hazelnut Praline Sauce and garnish with orange zest.  A scoop of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream or creme fraiche would also make a great addition.

Simple summer Mason jar cuisine – little jewels for the kitchen.

As always, enjoy. B

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