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Tuna Tartare with Black & Blue Sauce

Food and fashion and the fashion of food, a playful, delicious Bijouxs take on the fall collections – Tuna Tartare with Black and Blue Sauce – light and easy to prepare, a little fun food couture with a toast to the new Bijouxs website – celebrate the kitchen jewels.

The fall fashion issues are out, Vogue’s September Issue tops out at 916 pages, my nose has been buried in the spines of the fall magazines, an old habit from my store design days in NYC. Just at the same moment, a fisherman friend dropped off some beautiful, fresh blue fin tuna, inspired, I set out to design a little couture in the kitchen, fun with fashion and food.

Tuna Tartare with Black & Blue Sauce is taste compilation of many of the plates I have sampled, a playful, pretty, and easy to create little starter, something fun for the table. I styled this dish as a sleek, thin wrap of cucumber, filled with lightly seasoned ahi tuna, surrounded by a creamy swirl of the Dijon and soy based Black and Blue Sauce and crowned with a festive Philip Tracey inspired “hat” of feathered scallion.

These diminutive little jewels only require a half-pound of tuna to yield about 6-8 servings. Fresh blue fin ahi tuna and avocado, a classic pairing, are tossed with a light lime-based dressing. Long strips of English cucumber, sliced lengthwise with the help of a handheld mandoline are rolled to form small cups, filled with the tuna mixture, set in a pool of the accompanying sauce and crowned with a festive “hat” of feathered scallion. Pairing this starter with a simple luxe pasta course and a pretty fruit finish keeps everything on track for a budget-friendly fashionable little jewel dinner.

From my desk comes a special fall issue, Bijouxs new look!  A bit sleeker website design, lovely new logo (seen here also on our new cards), new typefaces, each Bijouxs now has a pretty new number and we’ve added the “Latest News”, so keep watching for updates. Thank you to the team at Hi-Design for the always stellar work and for helping me bring my kitchen jewels vision forward. The final site updates will be completed soon and I hope you will enjoy!

Bijouxs, celebrating the joie de vivre in the kitchen, the little jewels.

As always, enjoy. B

8 thoughts on “Tuna Tartare with Black & Blue Sauce

  1. Sigh. This is just toooo pretty! Lovely tuna nestled in cucumber. I made a similar dish with salmon, but it certainly didn’t look as elegant as Bijouxs! Good Job & amazing photo!

    1. Hi Alice – I love your idea for doing this dish with salmon! That leads to maybe changing out the flavors towards a gravlax inspired dish with salt, sugar and dill? Thank you also for your kind words and I hope you like the new look of the site.

  2. so, so beautiful — as always. the food & the site!

    1. Thank you so much Valentina! So sweet and it really means a lot, your site is so wonderful. Enjoy!

  3. I am speechless! Your photo is amazing and the site looks beautiful:)

    1. Hello Lana! You are wonderful! Thank you so much for writing and I still dreaming of that amazing strudel you made for our lunch!

  4. The new look is tres chic. GREG

    1. Merci! to a very swanky guy!B~

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