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Malibu Chile

A New Year, new life. California dreamin’ for real…back home in my element and sharing a fav little jewel that checks all the healthy boxes – Malibu Chile.

Happy to finally be home, somewhat settled in and back to the blog. Back to the Cali lifestyle, so here’s a fitting recipe to share. This one is a throw back to my days growing up on the beach here in LA and as hipster foodie.

Malibu Chile is from a cookbook by Lindsay Wagner, The High Road to Health, way back in 1994 – yea, I was a foodie back then. Actually, the book has a lot of low fat, vegetarain recipes I make often because they taste great, this chile is one.
Still relevant, so check it out.

The key to this chile are the week old mushrooms (starting to turn brown, I know) chopped very fine to give a ‘meaty-beefy’ air to the chile, and it really makes it, in someways, better than meat-laden chile – the lightnest of being. I usually don’t advertise it’s meatlessnes to guests, instead serve up bowls with fresh basil, maybe chopped onions, to keep things on the vegan route. Generally it is loved as is.

It’s a great way to feel great and have a heatlhy bowl of chile, Malibu style – California always a little jewel. Happy New Year!

As always, enjoy. B

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