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Pizza Emilia Romagna

Pizza Emilia Romagna | Bijouxs Little Jewels

Yes, you can prepare delicious pizza right at home. No special equipment needed. This little jewel, Pizza Emilia Romagna, is for everyone who loves pizza, that is kinda everyone.


Most pizzas originates from the Southern Region of Italy. Pizza Emilia Romagna, hails from Northern Italy, with the capital city of Bologna. This region, in many food circles, is considered to be the culinary heart of Italy. Emilia Romagna is home to staples like Prosciutto du Parma, Aceto Balsamico (Balsamic Vinegar) and Parmegianno-Regiano, ingredients found in so many classic Italian dishes. The lush landscape of green hills supports wheat, butter,and cheeses. The Italians have always believed in eating local, and the ingredients of Pizza Emilia Romagna, reflects local products.


You probably know this pizza more commonly as pizza bianca, or white pizza. The obvious absence of tomato in this pizza contributes to its name. This pizza bianca recipe
originates from Chef Mark Strausman, chef at Barneys cafes, better known as Fred’s at Barneys. Barneys has long been a stellar retail flagship in NYC with stores in major cities in the US. My experience with Pizza Emilia Romagna, comes from Fred’s at Barney’s in Beverly Hills. Pizza and couture collide.

Pizza Emilia Romagna |Bijouxs Little Jewels

The Pizza Emilia Romagna at Fred’s is delicious, as is their Madison Salad. The food at Fred’s is such a standout that a cookbook (release date April 24th, 2018) is in the works. I will add this book to my collection. Strausman. a famed chef, and restauranteur took the helm and opened Fred’s in 1996. A visit to NYC prompted a lunch there savoring this simple, but elegant pizza.


This Fred’s at Barneys is an easy pizza recipe, featured in Marie Claire in a “food in 15 minutes” section; it sounded promising. Using either store bought or my Fifteen Minute Pizza Dough recipe, simply roll the dough into two 12-inch circles, and top with the cheeses and basil and bake 10 -15 minutes, drizzle with a sweet and lovely 12-year aged Balsamic Vinegar–veloce! Check out my printable recipe card for the specifics.

Pizza Emilia Romagna |Bijouxs Little Jewels

The pizza has a thin, crispy crust, with the soft chewiness of the melted mozzarella, then the texture of the creamy garlic-infused ricotta. The drizzle of the aged balsamic must not be ignored, it is the sweet finish to top the pizza. Please enjoy this simple little jewel from my home to yours via Bijouxs.

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Pizza Emilia Romagna |Bijouxs Little Jewels

As always, enjoy. B

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