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Tortilla Española


Sometimes, what you have is all you really need. So it goes in the kitchen – a potato, a couple eggs and a few spices yield Tortilla Española – a little jewel for the Table of One.

I can’t tell you how many times some form of a simple egg dish has saved my Table of One dining experience from turning into just another cold meal. This tortilla is a typical Spanish dish, a thick egg omelette (think frittata) made with potatoes fried in olive oil. They are served frequently on tapas menus and are just delicious.

This simple potato and egg pie works wonders when your cupboards are bare. Most of the time I can rustle up a potato from the larder, eggs from the fridge, a tiny jar of pimentos, plus a pinch of Spanish smoked paprika from the pantry. From then on I know that dinner is a few minutes away, even better yet, it will be perfectly happy served at room temperature – building in a little time to relax.


To complete the meal just add something fresh, such as a Market Basket Salad and a piece of fruit for dessert – Table for One set. A plus is that any extra slices of the tortilla brilliantly stand-in for tomorrow’s breakfast or lunch.

Tortilla Española – a simple little gem to savor from the Bijouxs Little Jewels Collection.

As always, enjoy. B

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