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Spaghettini & Green Garlic

Bijouxs Little Kitchen Jewels | Spaghettini & Green Garlic

What would this (imagine food/cooking) look like if it were easy? One thing it could look like is Spaghetti & Green Garlic, a little home jewel of complete ease.

I ask myself the question, what would this (fill in the blank) look if it were easy? Complicated – that is what life now feels to me. The things that make our life faster, and in many ways easier, also make can it more complicated, even to cook a meal. Food, and cooking in general, has become a very ‘crowded space.’ There is so much out there. So many recipes, so many blogs, and so many ingredients needed to complete the so many recipes, that even I, as a seasoned home cook and previous personal chef, just don’t have the money, time or energy to complete recipes I see on many food blogs – which all look beautiful & aspirational.

Bijouxs, Little Jewels from the Kitchen, was founded in 2010, with a goal of bringing you the recipes that are the “little jewels” from my years of cooking. My emphasis has always been the home cook. Yes, you at home, who puts a lovely home cooked meal on the table, more nights than not and supports the family table, what ever that may look like. Real life.

Back in Cali again, I feel a need to simplify the food & cooking routine. Choosing organic delivery was a first step, not a luxury, but a necessity. Next, I have dug back deep into my recipe collection, many decades in the making, to seek out healthy and simple (here I mean easy) recipes you can cook most anytime. I hinted that Bijouxs was on a simple path and I hope to bring you a collection of recipes that can fill your home cooking menus.

Bijouxs Little Kitchen Jewels | Green Garlic

One of may favorites, is a take on Alice Water’s Spaghettini with Garlic – she is pure genius. Whenever I get off course, I go back to her seasonal cooking and lovely recipes. Lovely green garlic is in season, and was in my CSA box, a perfect foil for the pasta.

Green garlic (which looks like a spring onion, but smells like garlic) is the young, milder form of garlic, before it matures into cloves. To use, slice off the root ends, and slice just up to the the start of the tougher green leaves, similar to a leek. Farmer’s markets have green garlic now, but don’t worry a few regular garlic cloves sliced thin work as well.

Bijouxs Little Kitchen Jewels | Spaghettini & Green Garlic |

Really, only the ingredients needed are shown + some olive oil and you have dinner.
So good, so simple I can’t resist grabbing my fork and digging right in.

Enjoy Spring with Spaghettini & Green Garlic, a simple little jewel.


As always, enjoy. B

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  1. Green garlic is on my Hollywood Farmers Market list for this AM. GREG

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