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Sweet Potato & Pickled Apple Gratin

More apple love from Bijouxs! Sweet Potato Gratin, with a layer of sweet “pickled” apple slices, baked in a creamy nutmeg scented sauce and topped with buttery crisp Panko crust – fall is here, consider this little kitchen jewel as a new holiday side.

Sweet Potatoes are often part of some of the most decant fall and holiday side dishes around, Sweet Potato & Pickled Apple Gratin is a not-too-sweet side, with just a hint of sweet apple. Pickled apples are wafer thin slices of apple cooked with sugar and a hint of hot cinnamon; they look like sweet pickled ginger and taste like perhaps your Grandmother’s pink applesauce that she cooked with a few hot cinnamon candies. I used the leftover apples slices from Thin Apple Tarts to create pickled apple slices, which are microwave easy and also make a great condiment for fall meals.

The gratins are easy to assemble and a handheld mandoline slicer, a Bijouxs kitchen basic, makes short work of thinly slicing both the apples and the sweet potatoes. You may bake the gratin in one large baking dish, or in smaller gratins (more crispy crust edges for all) and if all the gratins are not gobbled up, I freeze them and reheat to serve at another time.

Enjoy another little apple jewel from the Bijouxs kitchen – Happy Fall cooking!

As always, enjoy. B

2 thoughts on “Sweet Potato & Pickled Apple Gratin

  1. Potato and apple combination? Sounds interesting, will have to try it! Beautiful photos.

    1. Hi Julia! The sweet potato is layered with just one thin layer of the cinnamon infused “pickled” apple, subtle is key here, a little play on all the sweet potato dishes we love for Fall. Enjoy and thank you!

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