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Braised Artichokes Romana

I am feeling my French roots in this Italian dish, classic Braised Artichokes Romana, a simple little jewel for Spring.


Although this is a classic Roman way with artichokes, I can’t help but get a feeling of the South of France where I savored so many varied dishes made with artichokes. Mint, garlic and anchovies are a blessed combination and this braising technique creates tender, fall apart artichokes.This recipe originates in one of my favorite cookbooks and restaurants Buvette in NYC.

Braised Artichokes RomanaBraised Artichokes RomanaBraised Artichokes Romana


Years of growing artichokes my my garden led me to share recipes on the blog, such as Roman Style Artichokes with Mint, a sautéed version. Baby Artichokes with Crispy Fennel and Sautéed Artichokes with Pernod. I love all of them but a new recipe always gets me going, I love to grow and expand as a cook. Can you ever have enough recipes with artichokes?

Braised Artichokes Romana


In this extended time of being at home, I am gravitating towards cooking simple and with easily available ingredients. Although I see lots of wonderful food being posted, I’m not sure we all have access to all the ingredients for complicated recipes. That’s what I will be posting in real time what I cook here in the Bijouxs Kitchen, many times with my on-hand goods. I have been lucky here to get some fresh fruits and vegetables. The fresh ingredients perk up the staples that most of us have on hand.

Nothing fancy nor are any special skills required for this dish. Leave it to the Italians, the best at simply beautiful rustic food. Now, you will need to spend just a little time to prep the artichokes for the oven. The mint-garlic-anchovy pesto is really the key to this flavorful braise, simple and packed with flavor.

Braised Artichokes Romana make a wonderful starter or I used some of the extra pesto tossed with cooked spaghetti and the artichoke to make a lovely artichoke pasta dish.

As always, enjoy. B

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