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Poached Salmon

The best-ever poached salmon recipe that really is not a recipe at all, it’s just too simple. Fresh salmon fillet is topped with fresh herbs, a dash of white wine, lemon juice a little butter and popped off into the oven to gently poach. The poaching liquid creates a wonderful light sauce that can be used to top the salmon, along with rice, or steamed white creamer potatoes. Serve with additional lemon wedges.

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Monkfish in Parchment Paper

Find yourself home alone for dinner? This is an easy and just a little bit luxurious Bijouxs dinner recipe for your dinner for one. Monkfish has a rich, lobster-like flavor making it a wonderful foil for the fresh simple poaching ingredients. Parchment paper is best used to create these little oven packets, and presented at the table, torn open to reveal the delicious perfectly cooked fish. A little bit of luxury shared with guests as well.

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Seafood Chowder

The holiday train is on the fast track, racing us all to meetings, holiday events, shopping and also dragging behind is my broken oven that needs repair. What can I cook for holiday guests that is simple, easy and provides the warm comforts of the season without an oven?  The phone rings, a friend reminds me of Seafood Chowder, a perfect soup for a chilly night and certainly company worthy – Bijouxs without an oven.

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Whiskey-Flavored Pork Chops

Working as a personal chef, these pork chops were a requested recipe among the males in households where I used to cook. It requires about an hour in the oven, but it needs no tending, so you are free to go on with other business. It is a rich dish, so I like to serve it over a bed of simply sautéed spinach; the sour cream sauce blends to create a creamed spinach base for the pork chops. This dish also freezes well – sans the spinach – prepare that fresh right before serving.